Automatic Leak Check

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Automatic Leak Check

The automatic leak check machine offers accurate case-to-cover seal testing.

The Farmer Punch offers two key advantages: the rapid rate at which the containers are processed and the ability to test cases in the production line after the heat seal machine. Both greatly enhance unattended operation time and increase worker productivity.

The Farmer leak check machine uses differential pressure gauges, bubble tight air valves, precision regulators to ensure correct fill pressure and PLC controls. No tools are required for quick changeover.


  • Speeds of 8+ batteries per minute
  • Accuracy & reliability for case-to-cover seal testing
  • BCI group sizes U1 through group 31
  • Rapid changeover
  • Exact positioning of case to fill holes


  • Lower operating costs
  • Low maintenance costs
  • Ultra flexible for modern assembly lines
  • Wide range of battery types supported
  • Minimal downtime (loss of production)
  • Automated for better productivity
July 26, 2020